35 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help You Appreciate Your Life

35 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help You Appreciate Your Life

Gratitude journal prompts to love your life a little more.

Today, we live in a world where everyone seems to live a lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, our life always looks boring.

Everyone around us is either on a vacation at our dream destination, achieving personal and professional milestones or is in a dreamy relationship. In short, everyone except you seems to be living a life to die for.

We are comparing our life to other people more than ever before, and this has led to unhappiness, jealousy and discontentment in our lives.

If you are feeling inferior and unhappy too, then you need to reflect upon your life and be grateful for the things you have. You may not have what your colleague has (or pretends to have), but you are for sure living a life someone dreams of.

Do not limit your gratefulness to certain special days of the year. You should be thankful for your life and blessings every single day. And the best way to be grateful daily is by maintaining a gratitude journal.

It is human nature to remember the bad and forget the good, especially when you are at the receiving end. Everyday something nice happens to you. Start keeping a record of all the nice things in your life. And soon, you’ll realize how lucky you are and how much you have to be grateful for.

Daily gratitude journal prompts to create more thankfulness in life. Learn the benefits of gratitude journaling and live your best life.


Why you should keep a gratitude journal?

  • To be happier

Practicing gratitude means acknowledging all the blessings in your life, which gives you a feeling of satisfaction. The more satisfied you are with life, the happier you are.

  • To improve mental health

Expressing gratitude encourages positive thinking and boosts self-esteem. Envy, jealousy and negative self-image take a back seat when gratitude becomes a driving force in your life.

  • To improve sleep

Tension, stress and negative emotions keeping you awake at night? The following gratitude journal prompts will help you sleep like a baby. Gratitude reminds you of all the great things in your life. Thus, giving you plenty of reasons to be calm and carefree.

  • To understand yourself

Gratitude journaling helps you understand what things are most important to you and what brings you the most joy in life. You understand yourself and your expectations from life better.

  • To cheer yourself up when life is tough

Expressing gratitude gets difficult when we are going through a rough phase in life. During hard times, you can read your gratitude journal and find reasons to not lose hope. Your journal reminds you, that what you are going through will be over soon and there is still a lot to be happy about.


How to start a gratitude journal?

  • Keep a separate diary/journal

Don’t scribble your thankfulness on loose sheets. Maintain a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to a fancy or an expensive diary. Use a regular notebook, but make sure to use it only for journaling and nothing else.

  • Use gratitude journal prompts

One of the most difficult things to do before starting to write is to decide the topic. So, pick up a journal prompt daily and start writing.

  • Keep your journal at the bedside table

This will remind you to be grateful before going to sleep. You won’t have to get up from your comfy bed to get your journal, therefore it gets easier to follow the habit daily.

  • Don’t force yourself

Habits are not formed in a single day. It takes time. So, if one day you don’t feel like writing, DON’T WRITE. You can always start tomorrow. It is important to enjoy the process. Gratitude journaling is supposed to make you feel happy. Do not journal under pressure.

35 Gratitude Journal Prompts

  1. Write about two things that made you happy today.
  2. Who is the person you love unconditionally?
  3. Who gave you a great advice in life and what was it?
  4. What do you like the most about your personality?
  5. Name the people you are most grateful for in your family.
  6. Name the person who taught you the true meaning of love and write about how it changed your life.
  7. Write about the things you are grateful for living in your country.
  8. What do you like the most about your city/town?
  9. Name all the things in your room that give you comfort.
  10. Write about the relationships in your life you take for granted.
  11. Name three things you are thankful for that happened this month.
  12. Name three things you are grateful for that happened this year.
  13. Who is a friend you are most grateful for and why?
  14. What brings you the most joy when you come home?
  15. List all the things in your house that have made your life easier.
  16. Write about any incidence that happened in the past and has made you stronger.
  17. What childhood memories you are most grateful for?
  18. Look outside the window and write about all the things you are grateful for.
  19. What is your favorite season and why? What are you able to do in that season?
  20. Name two people who helped you in the past and how they have contributed to make your life better.
  21. What have you learned from your parents that you are thankful for?
  22. Write about two things that are going great in your life.
  23. Write about your most recent accomplishment, no matter how small it seems to you.
  24. What are the things that make you laugh?
  25. Write about the teachers you respect the most and they have impacted your life.
  26. Make a list of all the comfort foods you are thankful for.
  27. What is your favorite book and who recommenced it to you?
  28. What are you grateful for in your partner?
  29. Describe how your life has improved over the last five years.
  30. List five basic necessities you enjoy daily that many people don’t have. (example- clean water)
  31. Who are you grateful to, for forgiving you when you made a mistake?
  32. Who is your confidant and how did you meet him/her?
  33. What body parts are you most thankful for?
  34. Write about the things, you can easily buy because you have money in your account.
  35. What aspect of your health you are most thankful for?

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Daily gratitude journal prompts to create more thankfulness in life. Learn the benefits of gratitude journaling and live your best life.


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