How to stop being lazy and become insanely productive

How to stop being lazy and become insanely productive


So let’s talk about laziness. Do you often wonder about how to stop being lazy and become more productive? Or any of the following statements sound like you?

  • You love curling up in your bed and hate the sound of your alarm.
  • You make a lot of plans for the day but end up watching TV or sitting ideal.
  • At night, it worries you how you wasted your day, so you decide to start over the next day and finish your work. But the next day again, you are too lazy to work.
  • You feel the day just flew by, and you could not finish a single task of your to-do list.

If yes, then you are in the right place, as I’ll share with you some fabulous tips to help you overcome laziness and skyrocket your productivity.

We all have been there at some point in our life. You were not born lazy. It is something you learned over time. A little shift in mindset and attitude can increase your productivity tremendously.

There is no secret ingredient or a magic wand that will make your laziness disappear overnight. But if you are determined to be productive and abandon laziness, you can accomplish it with slight changes in your habits and daily routine.



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Laziness is not a cause but a result of an underlying problem. Eliminate the root cause. Understand why you feel lazy. Are there any recent changes in your life?

There could be many reasons for laziness. Some of the most common reasons are:


When you have a lot to do, and you don’t know where to begin, your mind gets quickly exhausted from all the tension and worries.

In order to be productive, you have to channel your energies in the right direction. Instead of thinking a lot, just start from where you can.

Sometimes you need to start your journey without planning every detail. Do what is the need of the hour, and learn to improvise.

Also do not shy away from asking for help. It is OK to share your load with another person.


Do not expect your body to work like a machine 24/7 without any break.

Your body needs rest and sleep to function at its best.

If you are tired for some reason, give yourself time and indulge in few self-care activities, before getting back to work.

Take care of your health, eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to feel energetic and fresh. Cut back on processed food and try to eat home-cooked meals as much as possible.


You cannot be at your best when you are stressed or depressed.

Negative thoughts that arise due to anxiety, depression or stress, mess with your mental peace.

Clear your head of all the negativity and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Talk to a counsellor or a therapist. Although there is no shame in seeking professional help but, if it is a taboo in your culture (and you are not open to the idea) or you cannot afford sessions, talk to a friend or a close family member.

Write down how you feel and let it all out. Be strong. Be a fighter.

Do not let your past destroy your future.


If the task is dull, make it enjoyable.

Try to do your work with a different approach and change your mindset.

For example – I was always too lazy to do the dishes and laundry, as I found them too monotonous. But now I do these works while I talk to a friend or listen to my favourite music. This way, I can do the tedious but necessary work and not feel lazy.

Studying can be tiresome too if you are not interested in the subject and to overcome that, think about the consequences. Find motivation through the consequences.

What would happen if you don’t study or how amazing your life would be once you are done with your studies? Ask yourself these questions and find a reason to start working.

When you know that you are lazy because the task is monotonous, try to do it, the first thing in the morning. Eat the frog. Do the task when your mind is fresh and you are in high spirits.


Your goal is enormous and seems unachievable, therefore you are too hesitant to start it. And laziness comes as a handy excuse to dodge the task.

Break your goal into small achievable parts.

Complete your mini-goals daily till you reach the target.

For example – You have a chore which would require six to seven hours to complete. And, so you schedule the task for the entire Sunday evening. The chances are, you will find it challenging to begin, as the commitment of straight seven hours is big.

Instead, break the task into smaller pieces and daily complete it bit by bit. Even if you can give fifteen minutes a day to that work, be happy. Fifteen is more than zero.




Visualize a day where you can work on your goals and do all your activities.

Now convert your visuals into words on a paper and create your ideal daily routine.

Create a routine as detailed as possible.

A routine gives you a clear idea of what is important and needs to be done in the day, and therefore very little room remains for confusion and wastage of time.

When you follow a routine, you know exactly what you are supposed to do. Your brain remains occupied and laziness cannot find its way to slide in.

The sudden urge to throw yourself on the couch and watch TV all day long vanishes when your priorities for the day are set and your time is blocked.


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You cannot expect productivity and activeness while you slouch in a cosy blanket, almost ready to lie down.

Sit upright and work from a table. If you do not have a study table at your house, work from any place other than your bed.

Your bed is supposed to make you go to sleep.

A correct posture is not only important to have a healthy body, but also to keep laziness at bay.

What you wear affects your mood. Your pyjamas put you in a comfort mode and make working harder than you think.

Wear comfortable clothes but do not work in your Loungewear.

Getting ready and changing your outfit in the morning, helps you prepare for your work schedule and be more productive.

If your only plans for the day are binge-watching your favourite serial and eating a tub of ice-cream, your pyjamas are good to go.




Working continuously without breaks hampers your productivity and makes you tired. And tiredness is the gateway to laziness. Hence, it is necessary to take regular breaks between your work schedules.

Plan your downtime and avoid working at a stretch at all costs.

Breaks and downtime if used properly can enhance your productivity. But, if you do not know how to end your break, and get back to work, it just turns you into a procrastinator.

The best solution to this problem is by scheduling your break.

For example – Plan to take a break of 30 minutes after every two hours of work. Also, decide what you would like to do in those 30 minutes.

Avoid watching your favourite movie on Netflix, because no movie ends in 30 minutes and your half an hour break will extend to a two-hour break, in a blink of an eye.

Daily practice self-care and schedule me-time to relax and take care of yourself. Do activities that calm your mind.




Why would you leave that cosy bed and wake up to the annoying sound of alarm for no reason? Find motivation to get your day running and do something.

Before you sleep, plan an exciting day ahead. Find your reason to jump out of that bed.

I always pre-decide my breakfast menu a night before. This helps me do any meal prepping if required and also take the edge off my busy morning. No more “what to eat” morning worries. A delicious breakfast motivates me to wake up a few minutes early.

You want to start a side hustle but never get time due to your never-ending office work? Then your side hustle should be your motivation to be active and finish your work commitments as fast as you can so that you have some time to work on your dreams.

Everyone has a reason. If you think your life is too monotonous and there is no motivation to move ahead in life, then create a reason. Find your motivation.

Think about what you want from your life and find your reason to be active and work towards your goal.




It is alright if you are unable to stick to your plan for a day due to some reason.

You are a human being. It is OK to make mistakes. Just because one day did not go as planned, does not mean you failed.

Do not abandon your plans or schedule. Stick to your routine.

Start again the next day. Start fresh.

Be kind and flexible and don’t judge yourself on petty things.

When you want things to be perfect, you are too scared to start because you do not want things to go wrong or make mistakes.

It is easy to find excuses when you do not want to start a thing.

Instead of looking for perfection, look for growth.

If you did even half of what you planned for the day, do not get disappointed and try to do better tomorrow.

Be happy for what you were able to finish instead of criticizing yourself for the unfinished part.


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    • Humera
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      Thank you Chiara 🙂
      Sleep is so important. After all we are not machines.

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      You’re most welcome! Glad you found the post helpful 🙂

  7. / 12:10 pm

    Thank you for this. Very useful and practical information.

    I think one of the main things we need to keep in mind is that we don’t have to compete with anyone. We just need to know that if we did our best for the day that is enough. When I say your best, I mean your best. Sometimes just getting out of bed and making yourself a cup of tea is your best. So, set your own standards and run your own race. This way, you will feel the drive to do more things in your life.

    If you keep looking at others’ lives and comparing yours to theirs, you can get overwhelmed and feel like not doing anything at all.

    Do your best and live with no regrets


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    Congratulations, excellent article.
    Really all the points you address are part of the process of being more productive.
    For me, what I need to help myself the most is to be a perfectionist.
    I’ve improved a lot but every now and then I slip up.

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    This is really helpful with some great ideas and tips that I’ll use. I’ll also keep it to refer to it later.
    Well done and thank you!

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